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I don’t like morning people or mornings or people

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Oscar Isaac and Viggo Mortensen in The Two Faces of January Blooper Reel (x)

zoekrawitz you should see this

what is air

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As well as staying in his American accent and bearing the emotion of the scene, he [Sam] had to develop a kind of muscle memory for the intricately mapped out action sequences all without “hitting someone with my trident”. 

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the only valentine’s day cards i’ll accept


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James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain on MTV After Hours with Josh Horowitz [x]

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My least favorite thing is straight men who come into lush and act like it’s a direct attack on their manhood coming up to me like “I’m in here for my girlfriend” ok thanks for confirming your heterosexuality everyone who likes soap is usually gay

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Me when i have to reblog from the source because u couldnt control your dumb ass comments


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One Two: Mumbles, there is something about Bob that I don’t think you know.
Mumbles: What’s that, then? That he’s a poof?